Successful business on your own terms

NRGBOX Business combines state-of-the-art solutions and durable materials to create a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing space for your business, wherever you choose to place it.

The interior of NRGBOX Business has been designed to comfortably fulfil its purpose, allowing you to arrange the space as you please.

The mobility of NRGBOX Business is a huge advantage, allowing you to easily move your business to another place, another venue, another event. NRGBOX Business is universal and versatile; you can adapt it to your needs and, if necessary, quickly redesign it when changing the concept or form of your business.

Smart solutions take NRGBOX Business to the next level. Thanks to a split unit that cools in summer and heats in winter, you can enjoy your place of work all year round, no matter the weather conditions. Easy and secure access to NRGBOX Business enabled by the numeric keypad. The internal installation allows for Internet access.


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