A quiet place for training, multiple physical activities as well as recovery and relaxation in the sauna area.

Maintain your work-life balance with the NRGBOX Wellnessroom. A private, customised, home gym along with a high quality Finnish sauna by Vesuv in a spruce frame to suit your requirements creating the ultimate workout and relaxation environment one step away from home. With no compromises, no extra rooms, no building consents, you can create a new space that allows you to enjoy working out all year round, while saving time on trips to the gym. Place the NRGBOX Wellnessroom in your garden and follow your training and rest plan regardless of the weather conditions.

NRGBOX Wellnessroom combines modern solutions and durable materials to create a robust and aesthetically pleasing space dedicated to daily physical activity. We make sure that our solutions meet the needs of active people who value independence and comfort, just like us. The quality of the workmanship is particularly important to us, which is why NRGBOX Wellnessroom combines durability and modern technological solutions, allowing the product to be used in a variety of ways.


Price starting from:
45 262 Euro

Technical data

  • Dimensions H = 3.3 m L = 9 m W = 3.5 m
  • Usable area = 31.5 m²
  • Colour scheme – 12 primary colours
  • Year-round facility: heating and air conditioning
  • Window layout: see visualisation
  • Sauna: VESUV
  • Weight: approx. 6 tonnes (fitness equipment inside not included in the set)

Recommended for people who value openness to the world and the possibility of illuminating the training space together with the sauna area.

The interior of the NRGBOX Wellnessroom has been designed to make it convenient for you to follow your exercise plan, allowing you to arrange the space as you please. Attention to detail and clever architectural solutions make you feel special. The sports floor cushions your every move, and the effect of a private, elegant interior is achieved through the use of exotic wood and leather.

The quality of the finish and the durability of the materials allow you to feel comfortable. The robust structure, created from 2,200 kg of high-quality steel, guarantees a sense of security when we and our loved ones are active. Each NRGBOX Wellnessroom is created based on individual needs, meaning that it adapts to your requirements to create the perfect training environment.

Wellness is a whole philosophy that dates back to the 1950s. The term "wellness" is meant to refer generally to a healthy lifestyle and well-being. This is what the NRGBOX Wellnessroom offers. A person should engage in an activity that makes them happy for at least half an hour a day. It is important to adapt physical activity to one`s skill level and needs.

Smart solutions take the home gym to the next level. Thanks to a split unit that cools in summer and heats in winter, you can enjoy your workout all year round. The camera allows you to both keep track of what is happening inside and opens up the possibility of exercising together. And the numeric keypad allows easy and secure access to the NRGBOX Wellnessroom.
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